Joey (my lemon tree) has new leaves!

It is with great satisfaction that I discovered on the weekend that Joey (my lemon tree) has sprouted some  tiny little leaves! You must be wondering what the excitement is all about. Well, previously,  I did not even get this far. Believe it or not, Joey’s predecessor stayed exactly the same for almost 6 months whence it subsequently lost all its leaves and only the green stem was left. It then went into coma and has stayed there ever since. (I even moved it into a pot to give it extra sun but to no avail.)

So, this is a landmark moment. Joey is making progress! I will however have to remind myself to water Joey more often. I forgot today as I ran out the door only to be reminded by the weather report on the radio that today’s temperature was going to soar over 30 degrees celcius! 

I was worried all day.

Luckily, when I got home, Joey still looked ok. I quickly gave Joey a good soaking. I noticed then there were some leaves around the pot. Joey’s never dropped leaves before. 

But it was windy today. And tomorrow is going to get windier and hotter still.  Oh dear, I hope that is not a bad sign . . . . .


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