Gone for 21 days

It’s been almost 2 weeks. 2 weeks since we ticked everything off the checklist and hauled 30kg’s of his stuff to school. 2 weeks since we bid him goodbye and sent him off. 2 weeks since the boy started his 21 day trek from Melbourne to Mount Kosciuzko, the highest peak in Australia. It is some 600km of hiking, cycling and even rafting. And although he’s been on camps before, he’s never gone this far and for this long.

In fact, I don’t think many of the boys have. It is all going to be a new experience for them. And quite simply, not all of them will take to it like a fish to water. I don’t think I can even wrap my head around sleeping in a tent for 3 weeks!

There were information sessions. For the parents. And for the boys. From what to wear to simple first aid. Months have gone into the planning. Then all of a sudden, they were off. Whisked away by your big tour bus with everything they will conceivably need for 3 weeks.

Kosciuzko Summit

Summit of Mt Kosciuszko – the highest peak in Australia

Initiated only a few years ago by his school, it is built around challenging and stretching the boys in an unfamiliar environment. I think it is doing something similar for the parents. We’ve never been without the boy for this stretch of time. The euphoria of suddenly having the entire house to ourselves without having to pick up after a teenager may seem like bliss at first but that is soon replaced with wondering what the boy is up to.

We can’t help but check the status updates daily on a website provided by the school. Usually it is only a one liner saying all groups have checked into their campsites that night. But If you would like more information, there’s a google map showing where they are on that day. So, you can actually experience their journey vicariously through google maps.

However, our friends tell us that we should get used to it. Soon enough, they all leave home eventually. As they all should and would. We know that is certainly true and find it hard to believe that its gone by so quickly. But it is not here yet. It will someday . . . someday soon . . . But just not yet.

Until then, we look forward to welcoming him home in 7 days!



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